We are holding in-person worship services and most small group gatherings with the adoption of recommended safety measures in cooperation with state-wide efforts to halt the spread of COVID-19.
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New to our church

We Are Glad You Are Here!


From the moment you walk through our front doors, expect to be greeted by smiling volunteers who would be glad to help you find your way around. Feel free to stay together as a family during our service, but you are welcome to take advantage of excellent kid's programs as well. Signs hanging from the ceiling will direct you to the Welcome Center where a volunteer will help you get your child checked in, or answer any questions you might have. Helping you have a great experience is important to us.


Our Service
The service at Whipple Heights is contemporary – and flexibility is the name of the game. A typical service opens with a few announcements and several songs led by our worship team. The message is often high energy, with a very practical application to top it off. Somewhere in there we’ll take up an offering – but this is only for people who call Whipple Heights their church home. If you are visiting, just enjoy the music and the teaching. Any given week, there may be someone sharing about something good God has done in their life or some way we can come together to help people in our community or around the world. We also have communion once a month, a celebration of what Jesus Christ did on the cross to forgive us and give us a new life.
One thing is certain – while the worship service may vary a bit from week to week, God and His message always remain the same.

Our People

Any given Sunday will find 150 people, give or take, worshiping together at Whipple. From new babies in the nursery, to grandparents who grew up in the church, you’ll find all ages coming together on a Sunday morning. We have college students, single people, and lots of families with young children through teenagers. Come dressed up, or in jeans – either way you’ll fit right in.

Our Music

Our worship team leads us in a blend of traditional and contemporary music to glorify God. You’ll hear a lot of Chris Tomlin and Hillsong music along with some recognizable hymns and praise choruses. Our music will sound alot like what you would hear on any Christian Radio staation.

Our Message

Our church believes that the Bible is God's Word, without error. Because of that conviction, we are convinced that it still has something to say to us today about how we live our lives. Even though you may see videos, hear quotes from authors and witness surprising illustrations, we will always take you back to the Bible. From it flows the formula for how we live life in this world and the strength to keep going when times are tough. But most of all, contained in its pages is the "Gospel". This Gospel is the story of Jesus, fully God and fully man, who came to earth as a baby, grew to live a perfect life and then offered that life for us, a perfect sacrifice for our sin. In doing so, He freed us from the payment we owed for the sin we had committed, making a way for us to be free from the power and penalty of sin, begin a relationship with His Father and make our way to Heaven. No wonder this word Gospel means "Good News"!

Our Sunday School

Sunday school classes for children, youth, and adults run from 9:30-10:30 am before the worship service. These classes help each of us grow spiritually as we follow Jesus, grow together and reach out. Bonus: we’ll have coffee and donuts!
Do you have questions about who God is and how He can change your life? Do you need a family to help you in the rough times and celebrate with you in the good times? Are you looking for a place to worship and serve God with fellow believers? We invite you to Whipple Heights Christian and Missionary Alliance Church on 12th Street in Canton, Ohio this Sunday!