We are holding in-person worship services and most small group gatherings with the adoption of recommended safety measures in cooperation with state-wide efforts to halt the spread of COVID-19.
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Contact Us
Scott Praxl Lead Pastor spraxl@whcma.org 330-477-7834 ext 202
Aaron Winn Pastor of Student & Family Ministries awinn@whcma.org 330-477-7834 ext 203
Theresa Echelberry Secretary office@whcma.org 330-477-7834 ext 201
Jason Neel Praise Team Leader worship@whcma.org 330-477-7834
Brent Swartzentruber Head Elder elders@whcma.org 330-477-7834
Tim Baltzly Head Deacon deacons@whcma.org 330-477-7834
Aaron Winn Youth Ministry Team Leader youth@whcma.org 330-477-7834
Theresa Echelberry Kids Ministry Team Leader kids@whcma.org 330-477-7834


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